Our customers say it best...

“FileGuardian is SO simple and secure. From a security and customer service standpoint, this is just IDEAL!”
- Andrei Hobson, IT Manager from Payroll Systems of Nevada

“With FileGuardian, I'm able to give my clients the peace of mind in knowing that the personal and financial information they trust me with is secure. I get the peace of mind in knowing that I'm in compliance with all of the new regulations that states are enacting - plus, since there's no hardware or software to buy, and I've eliminated a good amount of my ink, paper and postage costs, FileGuardian is actually SAVING me money!”
- Michael Eroh, CPA and Owner of Michael Eroh Accounting Services, Inc

“FileGuardian eliminates concerns regarding stolen company or personal information. It's been so well accepted by our employees and clients and really sets us apart from the competition. Our intent is to never receive or transmit company or personally identifiable information without using FileGuardian.”
- Rex Haverty, EVP and COO from Payroll Network, Inc.

“We were able to create a branded online portal to securely store and send tax returns using FileGuardian. Not only did we protect our client's personally identifiable information but we also saved a significant amount of money by eliminating postage costs and reducing toner/ink usage.”
- Jim Simone, CPA and Owner of Simone Financial Services

FileGuardian Benefits:

  • Be Secure
  • Be Compliant
  • Enhance Relationships
  • Increase Sales
  • Save Money

Shugo Certified Secure Site Seal

Included at no extra charge with all FileGuardian subscriptions is the Shugo Certified Secure Site Seal, free for you to display on your company website.

The Shugo Certified Secure Site Seal guarantees your clients that their personal information - SSNs, bank account numbers, addresses, phone numbers - are safe with you. Displaying the Shugo Certified Secure Site Seal gives your clients the peace of mind in knowing that Shugo is protecting their sensitive data.
Shugo Certified Secure